Sunday, June 3, 2007

Hip~ Hip~ Huray ~!!!!!!!!

About 2 weeks ago i was told about a bad news, that is the house that i was staying now is going to be sell and the owner don wan to rent the house to my family already, i was shocked when i hear that from my mom and that night we have a family meeting.

we sit around and discuss about the house weather to buy it from the owner or just move back to Ipoh (Ipoh is my home town i was born there and my family have a house there) then i was thinking if we moved back to Ipoh then it is going to be troublesome for us because i m still studying in Penang and my sister is still working at Auto-City and if we moved back to Ipoh , we have become like a outsider to that place because me and my family moved to Butterworth then i m just 7 years old and its been a very very long time since then.

i cant even remember 1 of my neighbor or friends that i have there, when i started counting i have been in Butterworth for 12 years already, and i have already made some very good friends here that i have already gone through allot of thing with them they helped me in allot of ways that i cant even thank them i would never forget them, i am very unhappy when my father suggest that we moved back to Ipoh for me to leave my friends that i have been with for so many years its kinda hard and its is even hard to make new friends in a new place when i don even know any one.

I suggest my father to buy the house that we are staying so that we don have to move back to my home town but when i think of it my father have been pan cent for 3 years already and with out my parents saying i already know that we are having some financial problems so we cant afford to buy the house, so we stopped the discussion for the day.

But 5 days ago i called my aunty that is living in KL for some advice cause she is the 1 that is always very "sayang" me and i would ask for her advice every time i found my self in trouble, my aunty was expecting me to call her since she heard the new from my mom already, she also agree that me and my family should stay in Butterworth rather then moving back to Ipoh so she told me that she will help me find a way to solve the problem and asked me to wait for her call.

I waited as i was told and until last night she gave me a call and i was over joyed when i hear that she is willing to lend my mother some money so that we could buy the house and continue staying in Butterworth and she wants me to promise her that i will study hard so that i can find a good job to help out my family financial problems, i was so happy that i thanked her endlessly untill she hangup the phone. I am so grateful to u Aunty Polly i will work hard so that i can repay u back the money that u have lend to my family.

I feel kinda relive now since i don have to move to Ipoh and i could be with my friend here in Butterworth haha tonite can sleep well already since i didnt sleep well for about 1 week already and i have a dam bad headache when i was attending the penang blogers BBQ night, hope u all will forgive me for being so down that day.