Saturday, June 9, 2007

A Nite At Soho

Just now i went to Soho which is in Auto-City, i went there with out knowing that we are going to Soho from what my friends told me they are going to have a look at the cars there that are having a show.

We reach there about 10 pm then we went to have a look around and before i know it my friends were heading to BED which is a pub opposite Soho, but unfortunately we were kick out because one of my friends is underage and we were force to go to Soho, which is not so popular for youngsters.

We went in and ordered 4 jars of Tiger and we were having fun dancing around the place with smoke of cigarette all over the place like a mini Genting, accept Genting have watery mist not cigarette smoke, i went in and out for quite a few time because i cant stand the smell of the cigarette and we have fun untill 2 am before going home.

It was a fun night but very sorry to Chee Hsien then we some how manage to forget to call him he was very angry when i told him that i went there also, sorry ya ^^"