Friday, May 18, 2007

How Come Peoples Today Act So Childish!!!!!!!!!!!

Last night me and my friends was going back from Salam (a mamak stall near my house) when suddenly one of my friend called, he told us that he was followed by a gold coloured waja and he was scared,so he wanted us to wait him at the mamak stall.

Me and my friends were shocked and thought that it was maybe a robber , so we waited for him there , after 15 minits or so he came and told us that the person that is following him is his girl friend's X-Boy friend with 2 of his friend in the car, they tried to block my friend on the high way but my friend managed to get trough.

There were 9 of us waiting at the mamak stall but at the end it turn out that the guys following my friend is no where to be seen, my friend told us that the guy called him on the phone when they were chasing him and they wanted to find trouble with my friend because he is now the boy friend of his X- girl friend, whats the matter with that = =

Just because he broke up with that girl it doesn't mean that the girl cant find a new boy friends rite ??? And he was asking my friend what does he have that makes him qualify to be the girls boy friend, after hearing that i was thinking who is he to ask my friend weather he is qualify or not to be the girls boy friend when he was dumped by the girl.

Just because of the childish act of the 3 guys, 10 of us staid up until 3 am before going home . What kind of world are we living in, peoples are acting so childish and showing their stupidity all around asking for trouble but ended up running away, don't they know any thing about gentlemen ????what a shame for a guy to be doing things like this just because his X-Girl friend has a new boy friend. For me if i ever see any one like that again i will surely beat the stupidity and his childishness act out of him.

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