Wednesday, May 9, 2007

a nite at segafredo

tonite ho~~~~ i went to segafredo with 5 of my "ham sap" friends i thought that there would be allot of waitress but it ended up only one waitress n 5 waiter >"<>"< she told us that her name was Serena and she is 20 years old .

The waitress have to come to our table 3 time because my "ham sap" friends ordered their drinks n food separately , each time she come n takes an order they will ask some thing about her at the end we know that she lives in Penang but because of work she moved to BM . Not long after that at about 12 am wind started to blow and lightning came down from every where , suddenly we heard some sound of glasses breaking and soon we notice that there were glasses falling from the top of the shop, customers start to move their cars away from there , lucky i park my car quite far from the shop so i don have to worry ^^.

Strong winds were blowing non stop and again we heard wared sounds this time it was the temporary sign board that was writing "Parking ---->" flew and hit the back of a black wira , one of my friends started laughing that black wira was his car = = (how can he laugh when some thing hit his car). Not long after that rain started pouring down heavily non stop , so we went inside the shop and found a place right in the middle of the shop .

Rains were pouring down non stop out side, me n my friends were chatting n laughing non stop inside , at about 1 am i suddenly feel like drinking so i encouraged my friends to join me after some encouragement they fell for it and we ordered a bucket , we started drinking and my face started turning more n more red (cause every time i drink beer my face will turn red) i ended up drinking 2 1/2 bottle n my face turned totally red in colour .

It was already 2:10 am and my friend told me that the shop is going to close at 2:30 am so we finish our drink n left the shop, it was quite fun having some friends siting together chatting n laughing together i have a great time there although i was abit drunk ^^